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Excitement as a Currency

We treat excitement as a currency – everyone has some to spend, no one wants to waste any of it, and it should be used on an end product that meets each person’s expectations. We’re lucky that all of our collaborations are built around so much excitement, but what we really love is working with our partners and customers to channel that excitement into something that has value for everyone involved.

Most of the time collaboration = EXCITEMENT! While this is great (and incredibly important) it quickly becomes clear that it alone will not drive success. On the flip side, a collaboration with no emotion and a laundry list of boring checklists sucks the spirit out of what we want to build. We’re looking to find the balance of endless high-fives in a vacuum and a project that feels like it could be an extra in The Terminator.

Fortunately, we work with some of the most talented individuals, brands, companies, artists, designers and business owners. It’s awesome. But, with so much talent comes different priorities. Revenue? Creative outlet? Passion? Marketing Exposure? Wanting to work with someone in particular? No idea at all? The list goes on, but most importantly, there is no “right” answer. That’s why one of our biggest priorities is to always understand what is most valuable to each person involved in a collaboration and deliver something they want to “spend” their excitement on.

Once we know what is most important for everyone we keep listening, adjusting and developing to make sure our final work always has our partners not only wanting to “spend” their excitement, but it has them wanting to go all-in and feel great about it. Careful understanding of value from each perspective (brands, celebrity, fans) allows us to deliver a project that is truly worth getting excited about.

Excitement is a kind of project level currency. Taking the time to listen and address goals from every perspective is what allows that currency to have maximum value.

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