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Box of Style - Rachel Zoe Katie Dean Jewelry The LadyGang LadyBox Thrifts and Threads
Box of Style - Rachel Zoe Katie Dean Jewelry
The LadyGang LadyBox Thrifts and Threads

Your design & launch team

Over the years, our partners have been part of launch teams on everything from physical products (subscription boxes, curated partnerships, licensing collaborations, etc.) to tech & design initiatives (entire ecommerce storefronts, brand identities, etc.) and even entire companies (both for clients and ourselves).

We partner with clients to act as a creative and operational extension of your execution team that supports and complements your strategy from its earliest stages through to its launch.

Your operating & execution partner

We often work behind the scenes in various ways to make sure your stewardship and design of the entire customer journey runs smoothly. Whether it is sourcing strategic partnerships, managing vendor relationships, or building/supporting your own internal team, we have worked with our clients to make sure all the external and internal operations bolster your brand's chances of success.

Your innovation & strategy advisor

Remaining relevant requires being innovative, and remaining innovative requires being open to ideas and trends, even ones that are seemingly disconnected at first. We can help you test new product concepts and entire models to shape your strategy and relevance. Innovative collaborations can take on many novel forms and should be driven and shaped by insight, not simply influence; conversations, not simply storytelling; feedback, not simply posts.

Whether via research or creative marketing concepts, our team helps you include diverse opinions and unique perspectives as part of your innovation strategy. Let's face it, a "follow" or an emoji in the comments section of an #ad can only tell you so much. A lot of followers does not equal diversity - and a lack of diversity usually means a lack of ideas and innovation.

Let's frolic!

If you are a brand or talent agency interested in working together, why not drop one of our team members a note?