Maybe not the most mind blowing post, but we want to share some behind the scenes stuff when we think it might help you get to know us a little better.

Even though this logo has been our badge for a while (since Spring ‘18), this post will focus on what it means to us, along with of some of the “why” behind it.

In short, without boring you with rounds and rounds of briefs and iteration, we wanted our community to understand that we believe the relationship between customer and brand should be less about likes and more about coming together to try new ideas and make good things happen.

Social media should be an innovative tool for co-creation - not a scorecard for accumulating followers and pushing “influence”.

As customers, we want more than just good prices on quality products. We seek transparency and collaboration (and not just the influencer X brand collabs and #ads we see often in our feeds from a distance).

We want to know that brands, designers, and makers understand us, not just inform us; make us part of the creative and product development process; let our collective influence contribute what products get launched and how; involve us on what happens next.

So, we designed a logo (in house, in case you are wondering) that in our minds, conveys the power of collaboration.

A single heart on its own represents both social media “likes” and the followers that provide them. But we think the spirit of ‘hearting’ something goes a bit deeper - because even if any of these media platforms vanish along with their little like buttons, the strength found in the diversity of ideas won’t. To our team, the heart represents: Feedback. Perspective. History. People. Customers. Contributors. Ideas. Co-creation. All components of truly open customer led innovation.

The hearts are different sizes, because we, well, are all diverse and unique, as are our opinions, hopes, preferences, perspective and ideas. And our hope is that brands begin to realize “likes” aren’t one size fits all, and that feedback of all sizes should be counted as a part of an innovation strategy.

Collectively, when you combine feedback, input and aspirations and integrate these into part of a larger innovation strategy, you form something powerful...lightning strikes.

When there is a diverse group of contributors incentivized to provide feedback and brands actually fold it into the creative’s electric.

If included in co-creation, encouraged to participate, and treated respectfully, the crowd can be part of the team and make something positive (and relatable) happen.

And there you have it.

There is more to unpack in depth, but we will break it down in future posts.

Thank you for reading.

Stay tuned and have a safe day full of love.