As we get ready to kick off this newly curated campaign of handcrafted items from Ghana, we wanted to reflect and share how we got here.

But we also want to state our goal and be open with our customers about what we hope to achieve together.

There will be several posts that will unpack the journey to date, so treat this one as the preamble. The rest of the journey will be determined in large part by our partners and our customers.


A few years ago, some of the Frolic team had the fortune of being introduced to the Yonkofa Project for an entirely separate endeavour. This non-profit, which has been around for nearly a decade, works with local health agencies and medical professionals in Ghana to build and equip clinics in underserved regions in rural Ghana.

The first trip out there was slated to be a hands on volunteer trip to help them in their good work, understand their operation, and learn more about the region.

Let’s just say it only took a few days and introductions to realize what they were doing was not simply profound. It was perspective-changing in nearly every sense.

We were hooked....immediately.

Fast forward a couple years, many trips, and a couple new clinics - we now feel like we are part of the family and a small, tiny contributor satellite in Yonkofa Project’s orbit.

From the kind, inspiring, and resilient leadership of the group’s founder, Dr. Gabriella Nanci, to the friends we’ve made in Ghana, our team realized we were blessed with the unique opportunity to dig deep and “do more” than help as volunteers.

In the course of a few years meeting with artisans, witnessing the impact of organizations like the Yonkofa Project, and understanding the goals of local leaders, we decided to shape a strategy around some clear objectives.

We learned by listening.

We planned by learning.

So here’s the scoop, at least initially. (This is our first shot. A test. And we are going to make mistakes. There will be hiccups):

We are committed and want to promote entrepreneurship in the region, help raise recurring funds in creative ways for groups like the Yonkofa Project and help friends in the region sell their goods abroad. We want to be another partner that fuels growth, commerce, access and opportunity.

Embedded in the Frolic mission is the commitment to sharing as much as we can about what we do, and how we do it.

So in the coming months (and hopefully years) we are going to keep everyone posted on progress, failures, and observations. With enough support and guidance, our plan is for this one pilot of beautiful housewares and decor to grow into a series of campaigns aimed at achieving different goals, but all with some consistent outcomes:

-Support entrepreneurs, makers, and artisans in Ghana and elsewhere.

-Meaningful financial support for groups like our family at Yonkofa Project and beyond.

-Cool products, positive impact and stories that are meaningful to you, our customers (hopefully with stories guided by your preferences here)

More to come.

Thank you for the time in reading this. And thanks for your patience and support as we launch this initiative.

To sign up to be notified when we officially launch our first round of products, please sign up on the campaign’s page!

We also encourage you to learn more about The Yonkofa Project here and maybe even donate to get the next clinic launched here