Shopping has changed.

While some may point at "tech" alone as the reason, we think this overlooks one important fact; tech only has impact when it reflects consumer preferences and values. Whether tech's intent is to save you time or help you comparison shop, it's supposed to enhance the experience, not distort it.

But distortion is a trend we are all seeing more of.

Scrolling through hundreds of #ads in your feed and reading tons of unrelated comments from strangers is not saving you time.

Seeing a group of influencers simultaneously market items is not comparison shopping.

These are announcements. We want to shift from announcements to conversations.

Our mission at Frolic is to work with brands to create a shopping experience that better captures consumer preferences - and what we really mean are your preferences.

The first step in accomplishing this was updating our site and the way you interact with it… and we're ready to share the finished product with the internet!

When we started planning our revamp, our focus was on enhancing the experience and value we deliver to you, the consumer. Playing in a world flooded with #ads and #influencers, we wanted to offer a destination where you are the influencer and the real MVP. A place where you can let brands know what you want to see, what's important to you, and what you want to buy.

Organizing our site into individual campaigns gives you a microphone to engage directly with brands. In our minds, engagement isn't about chasing your "likes" or comments, it's creating a genuine connection with your purchase that helps brands understand what you want to see from them (could be product innovations, collaborations, more circular production, etc.)

Campaigns also help us ensure you are only engaging with the products and brands you care about and actually relate to vs flooding your feeds with #ads and commoditizing your likes.

We have one live example of how you can influence a campaign's direction on the site, but will be sharing more news about features and campaign types soon. In the meantime take a look around! We are really excited to build very cool products with your help and let brands know you are the influencer they should be focusing on.