frolic with us

Make your opinion, not your likes, be what brands seek.

You know the drill

The newest sneaker collab. A celeb capsule collection. A limited edition product. A product is made, announcements flood your Instagram feed, and maybe you'll go ahead and click “like” “follow” or tag a friend. The influencer gets paid. The app gets your data. The brand gets your follow.

Sure, your “like” was tallied and maybe you even bought the product.

But we believe you are more than an engagement metric. Your time and data are not only yours, they can shape development of products you want with brands you love.

How Frolic is different

We believe your collective voice is the creative team every brand wishes they had.

We connect innovative brands and designers with the most important influencer out there – you! Our little lab links real people with campaigns to promote customer-driven innovation and products.

Brands have ideas they’d like to explore. Designers and influencers have followings they want to engage. Typically, consumers are only brought in at the very end. At Frolic, consumers and followers aren’t an afterthought - they are the focus. Campaigns rely on your influence to create the next great product versus only seeking your likes.

Why do all this?

At some point, it became all about likes, views, some online reviews...and your data. But what do you get in return? We think your voice and purchases deserve more.

As part of a cohort that helps a brand launch a product or test an idea, you should gain something in return. Discounts, early access, limited edition products, and exclusive content are some of the ways we make it right.

At Frolic, you may not have 10M followers - but you have all the influence.