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Florencio directs innovation, operational strategy and product development for Frolic and its clients. One particular area of interest for Florencio is the relationship between consumer behavior and the customer journey, and the underlying processes and unique experiences that influence the two. Florencio is a Director and part of the founding team of the Silicon Valley Institute for Business Innovation ("SVIBI"), an advisory firm and academic think tank that brings together thought leaders from top universities to advise global corporations on innovation strategies and frameworks. He is also founding partner of an medical application development firm operating in West Africa and sits on the board of a US-based non profit that builds, staffs, and operates medical clinics in West Africa.


Mark works with brands and agencies to develop products and ideas that resonate with customers and followers. Through combining a powerful customer journey with data, Mark identifies not only the successes of a campaign, but the deeper consumer behavior behind it. From launching new product lines for clients to completing feasibility analyses for brands and leaders in the fashion and entertainment space, Mark works with clients to transform ideas into product lines and lasting business models. Prior to starting Frolic, Mark spent several years in the subscription commerce space in LA and business/economic incentives consulting in Chicago.


In addition to directing all the technology and development initiatives for the Frolic team, Jon leads in the design and deployment of all digital prototypes and white label applications for clients. His expertise in digital strategy, understanding client needs, and the ability to transform them into clear requirements, makes him a key part of our, and our clients', teams. In a career spanning over 20 years, Jon has led several technology teams and built applications for implementation in a wide range of industries in North America and Africa.

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