frolic with us

We launch new products for select brands (and some of our own!), try to develop & support new markets, and build & test new collaborations.

We don't focus on driving "likes" and adding to the increasingly large (and simultaneously meaningless) pile of #ads . We will let other people fuel that. When it comes to product launches or our own campaigns, our customers are our influencers - not the other way around. We don't think "likes" and "follows" should be the only things a brand seeks.

You know the drill

The newest something x someone collab. A celeb capsule collection. A limited edition product. A product is made, announcements flood your Instagram feed, and maybe you'll go ahead and click "like", "follow", or tag a friend. You might even get your hands on the product (score!).

But in many cases: The influencer gets paid. The app gets your data. The brand gets your follow. You get... more #ads in your feed. Not a criticism - just an observation of ours over the years.

How Frolic is different

Brands have ideas they'd like to explore. But, it seems to us, consumers are only brought in at the very end.

We believe your collective voice is the creative team every brand wishes they had.

We connect innovative brands and designers with the most important influencer out there - you! Whether it is through a pilot product launch, or more direct interactions or polling, our little marketplace tries to link real people with campaigns and brands that promote customer-fueled ideas, meaningful feedback and products you actually want. Think of it as a little "testing ground pop-up".

Why do all this?

As part of a cohort that helps a brand launch a product or test an idea, you should gain something in return. Small touches like discounts, early access, limited edition products, and exclusive content are some of the ways we try to make it right.

At Frolic, you may not have 10M followers (492 of which are real) - but you have all the influence.