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For Subscription Box Companies

We created Frolic Marketplace to provide a simplified and transparent way for customers to discover, try and fall in love with your brand one order a time - no strings attached. We work closely with our partners to set up one-time purchases of their next subscription box issue and a unique eCommerce destination for all things subcomm.

  1. No Fees: Fast easy sign up with no registration fees
  2. Brand Control: Partners set the rules and our team delivers an experience that is completely aligned
  3. Incremental Revenue, Total Support: Our managers are available anytime to answer questions and help as many people as possible have a great experience with your brand

Join us in our mission to help connect customers with new and exciting subscription boxes by contacting

For brands and potential collaborations

We are lucky to work with amazing partners across industries. If you are interested in launching a collaborations for your brand or client, we'd love to hear from you:

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