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The newest sneaker collab. A celeb capsule collection. A limited edition product. You know the drill: A product is made, announcements flood your Instagram feed, and maybe you’ll go ahead and click “buy”.


We connect innovative brands, designers, and agencies with the most important influencer out there – you! Our little lab connects real people with brands and designers to involve consumers from the beginning of the creative process. Your voice shapes products. Your preferences guide decisions. Your purchase powers co-creation.

No single designer in the world can provide the insight that communities can and we give yours a microphone that brands will listen to.


At some point it became all about likes and views. We think your voice deserves more.

Your voice doesn’t have to be 1 like in a sea of 200,000. Your thoughts don’t have to be 1 comment in 26,000 unrelated thoughts. They both deserve to shape the next product you buy from your favorite influencer or brand with your hard earned cash.

We believe your voice is the creative team every brand wishes they had. At Frolic, you may not have 10M Instagram followers- but you have all the influence.

Frolic with us.

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We have some exciting projects in the works with some amazing brands, designers, and artisans from around the world. So, if you would like to get the details, kindly give us yours.