Frolic: LadyGang FANCY AF LadyBox

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LADYGANG - The ladies are sharing their favorite items to help you be the 'ish under the bright lights of your life.

We no longer offer the Ladybox, but please visit The LadyGang for more information on how you can get one.

Jac Vanek x LadyGang ORNAMENT: Give your Christmas tree a little bit of sass with this exclusive Jac Vanek x LadyGang ornament! We know its cuffing season and you’re gonna want to find a dude to snuggle with, but this is your friendly reminder that its always ho ho ho’s before bros.
Exclusive Silky Floral ROBE: This LadyGang exclusive robe is going to get you through the cold months feeling like an absolute queen. Throw it on when you’re getting ready, over a pair of jeans for a winter brunch, or for some sexy time back home.
OUAI Dry Shampoo: Let us show you the Ouai! There’s nothing more to say. Your Friday hair will feel like your Monday hair.
Goldfaden MD -Doctor's Scrub - Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator: It’s the most wonderful time of the year for everything except your skin. This facial scrub will buff away all of your dead and dry skin, making sure your skin looks absolutely flawless at all of your holiday parties.
Related Garments Custom Socks: Mother. F*cking. Girl. Power. We always want you to feel powerful af, so slip on these exclusive LadyGang socks when you have an important interview, when you’re gonna cut things off with a f*ckboy, or when you’re just chillin’ at home snuggled up with a bottle of wine. Whatevs.
Sterling Forever TRIPLE LAYER TRIANGLE DROP CHAIN NECKLACE + $30 Gift Card: This is literally gonna be the most important statement piece you’re going to need throughout the holiday season (and basically just in life). Wear it with your sparkliest dress or throw it over a vintage tee…this triple layer necklace will fancy up anything in your closet. Plus, we threw in an bonus $30 to pick out a matching ring or bracelet!
FOUND(TM) Contour & Highlighting Stick with Plum Seed Oil: Make sure your cheek bones are popping at this years holiday party. This dual sided contour / highlighter stick is sure to get you a kiss under the mistletoe.
FOUND(TM) Multifruit Acid Revitalizing Wipes: The LadyGang knows its so important to wash your face every night. Following a night of partying these wipes make it easy after having one too many glasses of champagne.
FOUND(TM) Radiant Illuminating Drops or FOUND(TM) Baked Illuminating Blush or Baked Bronzer: To make sure you shine under the holiday lights we have included our fav glowy products from Found. Shimmer blushes, glowy bronzers, and illuminating drops. You will receive ONE of these items in your box.
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More Information
Product Name FANCY AF LadyBox 2017
Price $49.99
Collaboration The LadyGang
Special Notes Past Collaboration | Sold Out

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