Frolic: LadyGang SEXICO LadyBox

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LADYGANG - The ladies are sharing their favorite items to help you be the 'ish under the bright lights of your life.

We no longer offer the Ladybox, but please visit The LadyGang for more information on how you can get one.

Opus Renew Eye Mask: Go ahead, let that cabana boy order you another marg on the house tonight. You've got these restorative eye masks to smooth out whatever miracles (or mistakes) are to come.
TULA 10% Glycolic Treatment: Sexico is the place to be popping bottles, not zits - and that's all you'll be doing thanks to this amazing resurfacing gel. It will balance your pH so you can focus on balancing your chakras.
VYE x LADYGANG SUNGLASSES: Wearing these shades changes the way you see the world. Literally everything becomes sexier, even the TSA security checkpoints on your way to Sexico! (ps. We exclusively designed these just for you!)
UNBOUND Exclusive LG pink Vibrator: What happens in sexico doesn't have to stay in sexico. Make sexico happen anytime! anywhere! with this LG exclusive - designed in LG pink exclusively for your hoo-ha.
Graphique "Stay Gold" NOTECARDS: We went ahead and got you some classy notecards to write home on. Now you can spend maximum time working on your tan instead of searching for a decent postcard to send your bestie.
Pinkie Swear lip gloss: Figuring out the perfect vacation makeup is an art, and this lip gloss is your holy grail product. Throw on some tinted moisturizer and this lip gloss to glow all day long.
Juice Beauty "Smoke" Eyeshadow: It wouldn't be SEXICO without a shimmery smokey eye. Wearing this eyeshadow will increase your chances of smooching the hottie you met at your hotel this morning.
Schmidt's Charcoal deodorant: Because no one wants stinky pits, especially when you're sweating your tits off in the hot and humid Sexico. This is one of our all time favorite products and will keep you cool and dry all day.
EXCLUSIVE LadyGang Key Chain: You all know how hardcore LG you are. But do your friends, family, and coworkers? Why tell them when you can show them with this super exclusive member keychain - previously only available at The LadyHang!
NION BEAUTY OPUS TO GO FACIAL BRUSH: Hooray! Another vibrator! Ok but this one is for facial cleansing, not for... you know.
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More Information
Product Name SEXICO LadyBox 2018
Price $49.99
Collaboration The LadyGang
Special Notes Past Collaboration | Sold Out

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