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The ladies are here to help you relax, unwind and treat yourself. Buy yours now and get the staycation started ASAP!

We no longer offer the Ladybox, but please visit The LadyGang for more information on how you can get one.

Cheaper than a flight to Hawaii, and without the pressure of being seen in your Bikini, this "STAYCATION" LadyBox is the perfect addition to your Netflix subscription, and your couch to create the ultimate in relaxation.

We have put in our blood, sweat, and tears to create a box we are so incredibly proud of. We have fallen in love with every product included, and we will only introduce you to brands we support from the bottom of our cold, black hearts.

So, that means 100% lady awesomeness & 0% bullshit.

Love LadyGang Keltie, Jac, & Becca

Musely's "Bye Bye Eye Bags" Mask
Not all bags make great accessories. Use this eye mask to ensure your Chanel or Gucci is the only accent piece caught by the paparazzi.

Baby Foot's Exfoliating Foot Peel
Who isn't insecure about their footskin? Reclaim the sensuality of your feet with this stellar mask.

Jac Vanek Unbreakable Wine Glass
This LadyGang Exclusive makes it easier to drink anywhere... because everything's better tipsy.

Knock Knock's Inner Truth Journal
Don't let your therapist have the only record of your emotional gymnastics - write that shit down for your grandkids to read!

Amika Full Size Dry Shampoo & Travel Size Dry Conditioner
A better duo than Ross & Rachel, Rory & Lorelai, and Will & Grace - this dry shampoo & conditioner combo allows you to binge through all of your Netflix favs uninterrupted throughout your staycation!

e.l.f Cosmetics Hydrating Bubble Mask
A bubble bath sounded like the epitome of "treating yourself", until we heard about this bubble bath FOR YOUR FACE. That's right. Hellooo hydration!

Exclusive LadyGang Microfiber Hair Wrap
The ultimate staycation accessory - glam it up with some pearls or dress it down with some cucumbers.

e.l.f Cosmetics "Nude Kiss" Lip Oil
You're all getting the perfect nude kiss from us. Sorry... we're perverts, and we love you! Mwah!

Kopari Beauty Coconut Sheer Oil
You're a girl that can do everything, so get yourself a product that can do the same! Make every part of your coconut-oil loving, basic bitch body glisten in your living room light.

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  • You rock!

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More Information
Product Name STAYCATION LadyBox 2017
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Collaboration The LadyGang
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