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Season: FALL-WINTER 2018
LADYGANG - The ladies are sharing their favorite items to help you be the 'ish under the bright lights of your life.

**For delivery by the upcoming holidays, the order must be placed before midnight (12:00am PST) of December 18th, 2018.
Good Wipes - Feel fresh a.f. wherever you are.
Ingredients that nourish your skin and leave you feeling clean with NO harsh chemicals, these premium wipes are an eco-friendly solution to keeping your lady bits pristine on the go.
Dermablend Glow Creator
A customizable body and face highlighter for instant radiance so even all us nobodies can get that A-list glow.
Sarah Happ Lip Scrub - Limited Edition: Sprinkles Red Velvet
The most decadent Lip Scrub yet. Makes your lips ridiculously soft AND smells like a freshly baked Sprinkles cupcake, yum!
Tagalongs Earbud Case - No more tangled ear bud cords!
This compact neoprene case will store and protect your earbuds so you can jam out to Jac Vaneck’s weekly playlists anytime, anywhere.
Hum Vitamins Killer Nails - Biotin: our miracle pill.
An important B vitamin for hair, skin and nails, just pop one of these babies every day and you’ll be quitting your acrylics in no time.
Hum Vitamin Glow Samples
Low molecular hyaluronic acid helps keep skin moisture locked into skin. Glow from the inside out with these delicious tangerine bites!
Largo Drive x Lady Gang Pop Socket
Spending hours and hours following @keltie on instagram (who isn't?) this pop socket will make it sure that everywhere you go, you can rep the gang and be comfy!
Weleda Skin Food (Full size + travel size included)
Keltie's fav! Weleda’s Skin Food is a universal savior of dry faces, elbows, hands and feet. And now, you’ll get the chance to try the brand new Skin Food Light- a featherlight version for the old classic to keep your face moisturized all year round.
Era Organics Face Scrub - Scrub that face!
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Renew your skin, and keep it fresh! We love this simple and non-damaging scrub.
Flawless Facial Hair Remover
Has a built-in light so you don't miss a single hair of that glorious lady stache or cheek fuzz we’ve allllllll got! Shave yo face ladies!
Nicole Miller Planner
Want to be as organized and Type-A as our very own Keltie Knight? Toss this cute little planner in your purse for a chic way to keep your day to day schedule with you at all times.
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