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  • Frolic: Katie Dean jewelry x Thrifts and Threads
    Exclusive Collaboration:
    Katie Dean Jewelry
    Thrifts and Threads
    Better Together, a match made on Instagram. Brittany & Katie have handmade your new fav necklace. Limited Quantity. Free Shipping. » shop now - $79.99
  • Frolic: LadyGang
    Special Collaboration:
    The LadyGang
    The ladies are sharing their favorite items to help you be the 'ish under the bright lights of your life. Live Your Best Lady Life! » what was in it?
  • Frolic: The Zoe Report - Rachel Zoe
    The Zoe Report BOX OF STYLE - Fall 2017 Own a luxe experience curated by editor & designer Rachel Zoe. Rachel taps her exclusive network to select fashion & beauty items you have to have. Over $400 Value! Limited Quantity. Free Shipping! » what was in it?
  • Frolic: Love Goodly
    Love Goodly Single Box Join a movement for a cruelty-free, healthier lifestyle! Discover full-size eco products including beauty, skincare & wellness. Over $75 Value! Limited Quantity. Free Shipping! » what was in it?
  • Frolic: DirtyBird Energy
    DirtyBird Energy Variety 6-Pack Give your body the boost to get up and go with Energy Soap. Made from essential oils to clean, moisturize, & gently exfoliate the skin. Exclusive Offer. Free Shipping! » what was in it?
  • Frolic Marketplace
    The Frolic Marketplace Whether a treat for yourself or a gift for a friend, find it all here. Shop our newest brands, collaborations, single boxes, and special items to discover your next favorite accessories & products. Includes exclusive and limited number offers! » shop & browse now!
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